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  • ILD is conceived as an integrated centre for teaching, learning, training and research in all areas and across all sectors of leadership development. The overall aim is to build capacities and infuse real and discriminatory leadership skills among all levels of the work force and human resources of all types of organizations: business and corporate entities, SMEs, NGOs, social action groups, key developmental sectors like education, health, energy and environment and the wide sweep of the government sector.

  • Eschewing the profit motive and narrow sectional interests, ILD is committed to activate a platform that can offer to create and enable new pedagogies and inter disciplinary tools (for example, the Arts, literature, basic sciences, theatre and film) to embed among the young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs the basic elements of an ascendant, effective moral leadership that will, in combination with their job skills, propel them to take up leadership positions in their workplaces that contributes positively to their organization and the community and society.

  • In this process, the ILD will consciously endeavour to bring together colliding view points and seemingly disparate enterprises: social, cultural, scientific and business so that contending voices can articulate a common set of precepts and practices and establish that in the deployment of leadership, what is good for one is for the good of all.

  • Thus, the ILD will seek to engage with clients and participants of all types: from clerks to supervisory staff; teachers to health professionals; from skilled workmen to plant managers; from accountants to IT professionals; from social workers to artists and thinkers; from young corporate managers to CEOs and from students to social and political leaders and intellectuals.

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