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To collaborate with thinking people and Institutions engaged in a variety of pursuits and objectives: social, economic, business, cultural, educational and political with the conviction that the sectional interests and paths may be variant, but the unifying principle is the same: the discovery and pursuit of a better way of life that paves the way for a better person, home, city, state and nation. And the belief that the notion of leadership inheres this unifying ideal and encourages us to address and reflect upon such foundational themes and issues in a multi disciplinary framework.

To offer our Institutional premises and resources as a committed and engaging platform where many voices, ideas and actions can come together creating, in the process itself, a synergy that improves the sum of the effort and bonds us towards goals and actions that are for the good of all.

To extend the frontiers of Leadership knowledge and to nurture and encourage future leaders in all the enterprises of life: social, business, economic, cultural and political.

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ILD Campus:
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