EOI Addendum -Appointment of Internal Auditors

EOI Addendum -Appointment of Internal Auditors

1. ILD invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from eligible of Chartered Accountants’ firms for appointment as Internal Auditors of the Institute for the Financial Year 2017-18:

2. The focus areas and detailed scope of Internal Audit proposed is as under: -

  1. Revenue Leakages Control System
  2. Proprietary Aspects
  3. Safeguarding and review mechanism of accounting of capital assets
  4. Regulatory frameworks
  5. Procedural review and reporting of expenditure of both revenue and capital in nature
  6. Review of internal check and controlling system and compliance of systems and procedures.
  7. Accounting system reviews.
  8. Evaluation and Review of operational and financial performance.
  9. Assistance in preparation of financial statements including Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet.
  10. Verification of Capital and Revenue expenditure.
  11. Verification and confirmation on Compliance of all statutory requirements.
  12. Verification of booking of income, expenses, sundry debtors, loans and advances and sundry creditors and their status review.
  13. Assisting in estimation of tax calculations and related issues and compliance thereof deposit as per the provisions of applicable laws.
  14. Preparing and filing of periodic return of all Statutory Direct & Indirect Tax and attending assessment proceedings including reply of notices and related matters.

3. Selection Criteria : The following will be selection criteria for the said assignment :

  1. Number of Years of Experience in field of Audits
  2. Number of Chartered Accountant in the firm
  3. Experience in public sector with special focus on educational institution
  4. The head office of the Chartered Accountant firm must be located in Jaipur
  5. The internal Audit shall be completed with time as may be stipulated by the management from time to time
  6. The firm shall not sub contract the audit assignment

4. Approximate Fees : The approximate fees for the internal audit assignment of the Institute for the Financial year 2017-18 will be Rs 35000/- per annum, plus applicable taxes if any, subject to deduction of TDS, the audit need to be conducted on Quarterly basis

5. ILD management reserves the right to accept or reject the proposal.

6. Interested firms may submit the EOI latest by 13th May, 2017 by 05.30 p.m to

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